Recently a Diving Disaster was Averted at Tenggol Coral Tenggol Coral Beach Dive Team and friends. Our instructors and Divemaster crew along with our Dive Interns and diver friends located and cut out a huge fishing net that had snagged and covered one of our most treasured dive sites, Tokong Timur. This absolutely huge fishing net was about 60-70 meters long and 30 meters deep and practically covered the whole south side of the nearby Tenggol island. It’s so sad to see how our underwater friends died tragically.. among the casualties we found baby blacktip reef sharks, giant trevally fish, stingrays, grouper and queenfish. The hardest part of this kind of project isn’t just removing the fishing net but seeing how some of the aquatic life that was still stuck on the net were still alive! Fortunately, we did manage to help them, cut them free and release a few. Irresponsible fishing activities should not be allowed to happen around this beautiful island because Tenggol Island is part of a larger Marine Park group, meaning its reefs and wildlife are protected and no fishing should occur here. Thankfully, we caught this threat and disaster quickly and therefore minimized the impact on most of the aquatic life and corals are still healthy and beautiful. We already work closely with Project Aware to keep this pristine island and its reefs in the best possible condition and we also look to assist Taman Laut Malaysia and Marine Team Malaysia To monitor those irresponsible Fisherman. Thank you to our dive friends underwaterclicks everyone who helped and took part in this rescue project.