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Experiencing an island getaway is a unique and unforgettable way to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty of the world.
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Tenggol Resort is a hidden gem in the South China Sea, boasting crystal-clear waters, stunning coral reefs, and abundant marine life. The resort offers a range of activities such as snorkeling, diving, and kayaking, and guests can enjoy luxurious chalets with spectacular views of the sea. The island is surrounded by untouched natural beauty, making it an ideal place for travelers seeking a peaceful and serene environment. With its secluded location, Tenggol Resort offers a unique opportunity to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature.
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Tenggol Dive Side

We have dive sites for every ability level here in Tenggol. From calm shallow coral reefs suitable for beginners and open water divers to wreck diving and deep drifts to give the advanced divers a challenge! Tenggol Island has some great wreck dives.

Tenggol Sea Life

Nudibranch are common and come in vast numbers across a range of the species. Small Shrimps and even rarities such as ghost ornate pipefish can be found at certain sites. Pulau Tenggol is located along with the whale sharks migratory route normally from August to October every year.

Tenggol Marine Park

Tenggol Island is part of a larger Marine Park group, meaning its reefs and wildlife are protected. The corals, therefore, are in beautiful condition for the most part. Around Pulau Tenggol you will find18 scuba dive sites and 7 more around the nearby satellite islands of Tenggol.

Our Rooms & Suites

Resort offers a range of beautifully designed rooms and suites to suit the needs of every guest, from deluxe rooms to presidential suites.

Exciting things waiting for you

Discover a plethora of activities during your stay, including spa treatments, outdoor adventures, cultural excursions, and fine dining experiences.
Diving & Courses

Shore Boat Dives

Shore boat dives are a type of scuba diving excursion that combines elements of shore diving and boat diving. In this type of dive, divers board a boa . . .

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Rental equipments

Go Pro / TG-5 (Camera)

Go Pro / TG-5 (Camera)

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Snorkeling Trip

Snorkelling Trip

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Exclusive Event’ s

Bask in the warm sunshine and soak up the stunning ocean views from the comfort of your private cabana, while sipping on a refreshing cocktail from our beachside bar – the ultimate beach getaway awaits you at our resort

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Reconnect with nature and awaken your senses with our guided nature hikes, yoga classes, and meditation sessions amidst the tranquil mountain landscapes, followed by a relaxing soak in our hot springs – immerse yourself in the ultimate wellness retreat experience at our mountain lodge

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Tenggol Coral Beach Resort is an exclusive beachfront resort for scuba divers and snorkelers.

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